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Guanacaste Day in Costa Rica: A Unique Celebration of Freedom

Costa Rican flagGuanacaste Day celebrates when Costa Rica took control of the Guanacaste province in 1824. The holiday is celebrated on the 25th of July.

Celebration Specifics

This holiday is celebrated with events such as folk dances, parades, cattle shows and traditional Costa Rican music. One of the parades involves children doing a march through the center of town to a park. They wear masks and dress up as various people. It’s also common to see rodeos happening during the celebration.

Rodeos in Costa Rica are not the same as bullfights in Spain or Mexico, however. People travelling through Costa Rica can expect to see something different since the Tico style of bullfighting is not about killing. Instead it’s about the spectacle of unarmed men trying to play around with the bull for a few minutes while avoiding harm.

Celebrations during the day also involve a lot of craftwork and food. This includes meat that’s been grilled or food such as tamales. You might see fireworks as well, and there’s always a lot of dancing. Examples of dances common to the area include the Punto Gunacasteco, or the Caballito Nicoyano. You’ll hear music played from an instrument that’s actually the national instrument of Costa Rica, called the marimba.


Guanacaste actually joined Costa Rica by their own choice, which is a source of pride in the region. No one forced them into the country, they chose to be there. AS a result, the celebration commemorates the power of choice and democracy that was often not afforded to other areas nearby that were conquered and dominated by foreign powers like Spain. So in a way, Guanacaste Day is similar to the United States’ 4th of July in that it celebrates freedom and independence

Overall, the day is bound to be a memorable one for anyone taking a Costa Rica vacation and who’s never seen celebrations quite like this before. Costa Rica, and in particular Guanacaste, has a way of celebrating that it all their own.

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Costa Rica’s Blue Flag Program

blue flag programProtecting the environment from seen and unforeseen dangers is still a great concern for humanitarians, and ordinary citizens. Our waters provide life sustaining elements, and resources that are vital for human growth and development. When those resources are threatened, considerable measures are taken to ensure that waters are safe.

Blue Flag Program Improves Water Quality for Costa Rican Environment

One program that takes water quality seriously is the Blue Flag Ecology Program. The program exists due to a joint merger between Costa Rican authorities, the Ministry of Environment and of Public Health, the National Water Service and other organizations in Costa Rica with a strong interest in keeping the beaches free from unsanitary conditions.

The Blue Flag Program in Costa Rica addresses the criteria needed to maintain the water quality of beaches and oceans. The program also focuses on the quality of water usage and maintenance in such areas affecting drinking, tourism, sanitation, and community usage. Beaches with a high rating of 90% are awarded with the Blue Flag status. These beaches are also monitored on a regularly basis.

Blue Flag Awareness

Beach communities that wish to participate in the Blue Flag Ecology Program can do so by joining the Blue Flag Program. Since the program has started, there is healthy competition among community beaches. Authorities are also inspired to help promote the importance of improving the water quality for life sustaining purposes, and entertainment / tourism.

Tourists can enjoy their stay in Costa Rica knowing that their vacation can be spent on any one of Costa Rican’s great eco friendly beaches. The Blue Flag Ecology Program meets and exceeds the needs communities have in transforming their beaches environmentally and naturally. Residents, businesses, and tourists in Costa Rica are all part of a growing eco friendly environment, that keeps giving back. As the program continues to be a success, more and more communities are taking an active role in making their beaches eco safe and friendly.

In Manuel Antonio, we have several Blue Flag designations on our neighboring beaches.  Come for a visit to Makanda by the Sea and experience not only our rainforests but also our warm tropical water and beautiful palm tree lined coastline!

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Costa Rica Makes an Impression at the World Cup

DSC04339The Costa Rican national football team has provided lots of opportunity for celebration at this year’s World Cup. Despite being considered an underdog by many other countries, the football team representing Costa Rica this year provided many reasons to remember why the team from Costa Rica has proven to be a formidable competitor.

This year’s Costa Rican team is the current Central American champions after winning the 2013 Copa Centramericana. In fact, historically, Costa Rica has the most successful national football team in the Central American Region. They even unexpectedly beat Uruguay, the world champion winning team. For fans and non-fans alike, this achievement seemed almost impossible. Yet Costa Rica did it.

Costa Ricans were extremely proud as the Costa Rican national football team defeated Italy and England. This type of victory caused schools in Costa Rica to close down in an effort to allow school children to join the celebration taking place in San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital. Excitement was felt throughout the country with celebrations in every town.  Even the Costa Rican president, Luis Guillermo Solis, showed his pride with his people, running to join the party.

Although the Costa Rican national football team was defeated by Holland on Saturday after Holland successfully landed each of their penalty shots, Cost Rica has still made a region, and the world, very proud to have witnessed their team’s successes.

Supporters around the world have taken to showing their Tico pride on every major social media network. A quick search on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter reveals how supporters are still showing their support in photos and positive messages to celebrate the Costa Rican national football team. Their success, even if it was unexpected, has really resonated with fans across Costa Rica, the Central America region, and the world.  Sí se pudo!  Viva Ticos!  Viva Sele!  Viva Costa Rica!

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Making new friends on your Costa Rica vacation

romanticsunspotbargrill-1Costa Rica is a small and stable Central American nation located between Nicaragua and Panama. Famous for its beaches and jungles, taking a Costa Rica vacation has become a favorite for travelers looking for adventure. Because of this, our country has a growing tourism industry with thousands flocking to our palm tree lined coastlines and dense primary rainforests every year.  If you’re looking for an adventure and want to experience the best Central America has to offer, one should consider taking a vacation in our little piece of paradise in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

If you do visit, we encourage you to make new friends while traveling. Both locals and other travelers are generally very friendly. Some places to make new friends? While you’re lounging at our pool or enjoying a refreshing drink at our bar, you’ll be able to meet and socialize with other travelers.  If you like adventure, you’re sure to meet other friends during your daily tours of ziplining and white water rafting!

Meeting new people is half the fun of traveling. Making new friends and hearing their stories is fascinating and is sure to greatly enhance any holiday.

Set in the jungle with views of the beaches near Manuel Antonio National Park,  Makanda by the Sea offers guests a variety of tours and activities to enjoy on their Costa Rica vacation.

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Father’s Day in Costa Rica

canopy 2Similar to how Americans and Canadians celebrate Father’s Day, Costa Ricans celebrate the day with much joy and excitement. Kids living away from their parents visit their fathers to celebrate the special day with their families. Others who live with their parents wake up early to surprise their fathers with fun activities lined up throughout the day – from preparing and cooking breakfast, to even roasting a whole pig over a spit. Traditionally, Father’s Day in Costa Rica is celebrated annually on the third Sunday of June.

The  day’s celebration involves showering fathers with presents and attention, including trips to the beach or humble mugs with the words “World’s Best Father” (in Spanish, of course!). Similar to North America, the gifts vary from family to family.

For those to the North, instead of spending the usual Father’s Day at home, why not leave the kids at home and take a special getaway to Costa Rica? Take the time away from the daily grind. Costa Rica has a plethora of sights to see – from its romantic, quiet beaches to adventure-filled forests that will leave you and your significant other breathless.

Manuel Antonio, where Makanda by the Sea is located, is one of the most scenic and beautiful natural parks in the world. Visitors far and wide visit this park to witness the forests and its inhabitants – the flora and the fauna. Spend the day hiking, swimming, whitewater rafting, bird watching or fishing. Our local area has an abundance of activities that will never leave you bored. Fathers from all walks of life will not only enjoy this place, they will want to spend as much time as they can taking advantage of the beautiful scenery.

Set in the jungle with views of the beaches near Manuel Antonio National Park,  Makanda by the Sea offers guests a variety of tours and activities to enjoy on their Costa Rica vacation.

So make your Father’s Day celebration different, celebrate it with style and beauty and visit Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica.


Benefits of spending time outdoors

Beaches inside Manuel Antonio National ParkAfter a long cold winter, it’s nice to spend time outside. But do you know the benefits of spending time outdoors?

Fresh air

First and foremost, spending time outdoors gives you much needed fresh air. Fresh air cleanses your lungs and supplies your brain cells with oxygen, resulting in clearer thinking. Fresh air also benefits your heart and blood pressure, decreasing your risk of a stroke or heart attack. In addition, fresh air improves your digestion and will help you sleep.


Limited sun exposure will give you plenty of vitamin D. Your body needs vitamin D to fight cancer, osteoporosis and heart conditions. Easy with the sunshine though, too much of it can harm you.


While there’s nothing wrong with sitting on a park bench, or spending time at the beach, you really should get some exercise when spending time outdoors. If you can’t run or cycle, at least walk. Walking, or any other type of exercise for that matter, is good for your heart, your blood pressure, and your muscles.


Have you ever noticed that after spending time outdoors you feel happier? Fresh air and light tends to elevate your mood, while exercise releases endorphins into your bloodstream. Endorphins in turn fight depression and Alzheimer’s.


If you had the misfortune of being ill, or recovering from an operation, fresh air will reduce the pain and speed up the recovery process. It’s not just the fresh air and the sunshine, the mere sight of trees, flowers and grass stimulate the brain to a faster healing process.

Why not enjoy this and more on your next Costa Rica vacation at Makanda by the Sea?  Put on your shoes or sandals and head to our tropical resort…Your body and mind will thank you.

Let us help you arrange an unforgettable wedding or honeymoon at Makanda by the Sea in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica!

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Yoga in Manuel Antonio

Digital StillCameraSpending time at our luxury resort in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica can only be described as a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Manuel Antonio National Park is world-famous for its lush rain forests and wildlife. The nearby picturesque beaches can be found just a short distance from your luxury accommodations at Makanda by the Sea. In addition to tours of the national park and opportunities to enjoy kayaking, snorkeling, fishing and other activities, you can enjoy yoga as an added feature to your luxury vacation in Manuel Antonio.

Yoga in Manuel Antonio offers you an abundance of choices as classes are held regularly at nearby yoga studios. Enjoy classes at your level of yoga experience, capability and preferred yoga style from a gorgeous view overlooking the national park or the ocean. Some yoga classes are held right on the beaches of Manuel Antonio!  There are also other types of classes available, including aerial yoga, pilates and barre.

If you are looking for a more intimate yoga experience, a yoga instructor can come to your villa at Makanda. Escape the stresses of your everyday life as you enjoy the services of an expert yoga instructor. You may want to practice or learn yoga for the very first time by yourself or have your spouse or significant other join you in the privacy of your own luxury accommodations. Not only does Makanda offer outstanding ocean views and amazing views of nature at its best right outside your door, you can also enjoy them during your private yoga session.

Set in the jungle with views of the beaches near Manuel Antonio National Park,  Makanda by the Sea offers guests a variety of tours and activities to enjoy on their Costa Rica vacation.

Hiking thru beautiful mountains

World Environment Day and World Ocean’s Day in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Hiking thru beautiful mountainsWorld Environment Day is June 5 and World Ocean’s Day is June 8 and there is no better place to celebrate than in luxurious Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. In Manuel Antonio, the jungle and ocean meet, providing residents and visitors a one-of-a-kind adventure.

World Environment Day was developed by the United Nations Environmental Programme encouraging “worldwide awareness and action for the environment.” Plan on spending June 5 in Manuel Antonio where you will enjoy the toucans, red-eyed tree frogs, green kingfishers, a variety of monkeys and other wildlife in Manuel Antonio Natural Park. The national park, better known as Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio, is the second-most visited park in all of Costa Rica. You will also enjoy the lush rainforests with trails that are easy to walk. Manuel Antonio is home to the only place in Costa Rica where you will see the squirrel-like grey crowned titi monkeys. The monkeys make chirping sounds, eat insects and easily jump from tree to tree.

World Ocean’s Day, a day to honor the world’s oceans, is well-spent in Manuel Antonio, which was recently added to the top 25 list of Trip Advisor’s “Top Beaches in the World Traveler’s Choice.” Enjoy parasailing, deep sea fishing, snorkeling or watching others while relaxing along the gorgeous white-sand beaches. Makanda by the Sea offers accommodations with stunning ocean views, set inside the tropical rainforest.

When celebrating World Ocean’s Day and World Environment Day in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, you will likely not only enjoy a vacation of a lifetime, but will garner new appreciation for natural environments like that of Manuel Antonio National Park. Marvel at the ocean and the rainforest as it is here that the two meet.

Makanda by the Sea is the perfect romantic destination for your honeymoon in Costa Rica!

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Romantic getaway to Costa Rica

Deluxe Studios offer Fabulous Ocean Views_4349003661_lAre you ready for a romantic getaway to Costa Rica? Do you have a hectic work schedule, activities with the kids, or stress from everyday life getting in the way of romance? If this sounds all too familiar to you, it’s time to disconnect and recharge on your romantic vacation to Costa Rica.

Leave your laptop at home, and give your cellphone some time off too. Instead, imagine lounging with your partner on one of our many sandy beaches, sun tanning and enjoying each others company, while sipping a colorful, fruity cocktail or an ice cold beer.

Forget the city and its rat race as you dwell in a world of sun and romance. Listen to tropical birds, inhale fresh air, the scent of spicy flowers, and enjoy the sight of magnificent waterfalls. In a paradise like this, you’ll fall in love all over again and have time to appreciate each other.

Costa Rica caters to the romantic at heart, but knows that lying on a beach can only last so long. When a little adventure is needed, couples can pick and choose from any number of activities, such as swimming, kayaking, ziplining, hiking or just strolling along the beach.

When the sun goes down, forget about cooking and doing dishes. Instead head back to your ocean view bungalow to relax for a bit and then take a short walk to our pool area for a delicious meal.

Costa Rica is an ideal paradise to celebrate your love.  Newlyweds often choose Costa Rica for their honeymoon. If love has cooled somewhat for you and needs to be rekindled, set course to Costa Rica and let Cupid do the rest.

wildlife sightings are found throughout the year in Manuel Antonio

Endangered Species Day in Costa Rica

wildlife sightings are found throughout the year in Manuel AntonioEndangered Species Day was founded to recognize the plight of many creatures who face extinction and what people can do to save them.

A few of the endangered species in Costa Rica are: the Bang’s Mountain Squirrel, the Central American Tapir, the Cotton-top Marmoset, the grey crowned squirrel monkey, and the Long Tailed Otter.

These are just a few though, there are many more and these are just the mammals. Other endangered species are plants, birds, insects, fishes, reptiles, corals, centipedes, amphibians, clams, snails, arachnids, worms and crustaceans.

People can help protect endangered species by respecting these creatures natural habitat. In the case of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and insects, many creatures become endangered as a result of human actions. Actions such as illegal hunting, poaching, pollution, a reduction of food supplies and reduced habitat.

When visiting Costa Rica, or any other country for that matter, obey the wildlife code: don’t start fires, leave bird eggs alone, don’t move rocks and logs, don’t chase, interact or feed animals, and certainly never kill.

There are many reforestation programs and organizations who will let you plant a tree in the rainforest as a way to give back on your Costa Rica vacation.